Local: 613-933-2525 - Toll Free: 1-877-901-2525 | Servicing Eastern Ontario, Wester Quebec, and Northern New York.
  • Heavy to Light Towing / Regular Winching Services

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    Please note: Please note a 4hr min charge applies to all services.

    Light Duty Towing: $165/hr.

    Light Duty Winching / Recovery: $195/hr.

    Medium Duty Towing: $185/hr.

    Medium Duty Winching / Recovery: $205/hr.

    Heavy Duty Towing: $250/hr.

    Heavy Duty Winching (minor winching services): $350/hr.

  • Storage

    Please note: Impound hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. After hours access available, $75.00 Gate Opening Fee. Rates listed on a per vehicle basis.

    Light Duty, Cars / Pick-ups: $75/day

    Medium Duty, Cube Vans / 1ton Services Vehicles, etc.: $85/day

    Heavy Duty, Tractors / Straight Trucks: $100/day

    Heavy Duty, Trailers / Load if separated from trailer: $125/day

  • Recovery / Heavy Incident Management

    Please note: Includes (but not limited to) Rollovers, Jackknifes, Collisions, Heavy Vehicles impeding the normal flow of traffic due to a collision or mechanical breakdown. All Incident Management Services are based on a 4hr minimum charge. Rates listed applies per truck used.


    50 Ton Rotator Wrecker: $750/hr

    45 Ton Heavy Wrecker: $500/hr

    35 Ton Heavy Wrecker: $400/hr

    25 Ton Heavy Wrecker: $300/hr

    25 Ton Rotator Wrecker: $450/hr

    Float Service: $250/hr

    Emergency Service / Support Truck: $250/hr

    Air Cushion Recovery System: $600/hr

    Forklift: $150/hr

    Dock Plate / Pump Cart Use: $100/flat fee

    Light Service Truck / Escorting, Traffic Warning Unit: $150/hr

    Employee Labour

    Scene Supervisor: $200/hr

    Additional Labourers: $100/hr

    Sublet Labour*

    Hired in labourers: $125/hr

    *Any materials supplied or subcontractors hired is subject to a 15% mark-up, and a 5% admin fee is applied to the subtotal of the invoice.